Thumbtack and the Importance of Place

August 9, 2010

While going through the mountain of content that had piled up in my Google Reader since last week, I was intrigued by a post from Chris Brogan, Stick a Pin in Local Marketing. In it, he talks about a new contender in the local, online marketing sphere, Thumbtack. I hadn’t heard of Thumbtack before and was intrigued. I went over to their site to take a look.

From what I saw, Thumbtack looks pretty nice.

The site’s navigation was crisp and easy to follow, and the overall feel of the page was helpful and inviting. I did a little browsing and found that Thumbtack received a sizable cash infusion from some big Silicon Valley names, so it’s likely the site will be around for awhile.
Is Thumbtack going to be the leader of local marketing leader in five years? Too early to tell.
Do I recommend that you take ten minutes out of your day to list your business with them? Absolutely. I did, and this is what our IT Solutions Provider profile looks like:

GBS Thumbtack Profile

Pretty nice, huh?
Only one major issue: during set up, you have the choice of listing how far you are willing to travel on service calls and how much you charge for that travel.
Thumbtack will only allow a travel range of 1-150 miles. Although my company travels over 150 miles if a client desires (did it this week in fact), Thumbtack does not allow its users to mention this in their profile. This doesn’t bother me too much, since Thumbtack is a local business services directory; one has to draw the line somewhere. What did bother me to no end is that Thumbtack only allows its users to enter one price for travel, regardless of the distance traveled. The cost of a 150 mile trip is vastly different than a 5 mile trip, and Thumbtack should allow its users to make that distinction. I’m sure this will be addressed as their services develop.
For those of you have attended our monthly seminars on online marketing, you know that geo-location is coming to you (forgive the pun), and you already know that location based marketing will have an impact on your business.
So go out there and make a business profile on Thumbtack.
Check out our post from last week on how to claim your business on Google Places.
Take a look at Foursquare, Gowalla, and other Social Media platforms that can drive prospective customers to your business.
When they find you, you’ll be glad you did.

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